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  • Safety Warning

Safety Warning

  • ● Please wear safety goggles.
  • ● Please use the appropriate tools.
  • ● Please pay attention to the safety notes for each tool and use tools appropriately.
  • ● Please perform regular maintenance and inspection of the tools.

For your safety, it is very important that you read and understand the above and following notes. This is the first step of ensuring the safety of yourself and others around you when using tools. Do not apply excessive force or loads onto the tool. Any good tool can be broken though misuse and can lead to dangerous situations. Please read the following notes for your safety.

  • This symbol means "Prohibited" (Actions that must be not be conducted)
  • This symbol means "Obligation" (Actions that must be obeyed)
  • This symbol means "Danger, warning, notice"(Red: Danger, Orange: Warning, Yellow: Notice)
CAUTION ●If mishandled, death or serious injury may result.
Do not cut live electrical wires. You will be electrocuted. The handle of this tool is not insulated. It is very dangerous to cut live electrical wires. Please ensure that the power is turned off, and electricity is not passing through the wires.
WARNING ●If mishandled, death or serious injury may result.
Please beware of flying debris or broken pieces. Follow the following instructions to avoid becoming blind or serious eye damage.
Utilize eye protection while using this tool.
Do not utilize tool as a hammer.
Do not hit tool with a hammer.
Check the direction of flying debris and ensure the safety of others around you and yourself.
CAUTION ●If mishandled, you may receive a minor injury or the tool may be damaged.
Do not use if the tool is cracked, chipped worn away, deformed or seems to be defected.
Do not hit tool with a hammer, flying debris can be dangerous.
Do not attempt to cut wire rods beyond the cutting ability of the tool.
Do not use screwdrivers and other similar tools as a crowbar to break open objects.
Do not modify the tool by applying heat or by other processes. The molecular structure of the material can change and weaken the strength of the tool and become dangerous to use.
Before use, please read the KEIBA tool instructions.


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    Safety Warning

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