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MARUTOLOY Top-grade material from Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Materials and the skill to harness its strengths

By applying heat, steel has the property of altering its viscosity and hardness. Due to these characteristics, steel is an excellent material for tools. As the characteristic of the material can change when heat is applied, ensuring that quality steel is utilized is very important.

What is Marutoloy

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Most KEIBA products are made from 2 types of special Marutoloy steel, CR-V70C Chrome-Vanadium Steel and SK7MF2 High Carbon Tool Steel.

Marutoloy is a high-quality material made by Kobe Steel, a large steel stock manufacturer, according to our special requirements. Marutoloy steel contains more carbon than average tool. Due to this process, we are able to produce tools which are tougher and sharper when complete.

However, the harder steel becomes the more brittle it also becomes. It is necessary to have the facility, technology and the skill to harden steel, yet to also regain ductility at the same time.

To begin with, after forging the marutoloy steel with large-sized air stamp hammers, the material undergoes a heat treatment process of annealing to refine the molecular structure of the material. Here at our company, during the annealing process, with a measured amount of materials, we utilize a batch system and place the marutoloy steel in a furnace for 14 hours. With this process, we are able to produce high quality marutoloy steel which is tough yet also viscous for our needs. Due to the high cost and the need for numerous pieces of equipment, there are many manufacturers that do not perform this annealing process. With manufacturers that do anneal their steel, commonly a conveyor belt system is used with only 4 to 5 hours of heat treatment (annealing) for cost-efficiency considerations.

In addition to this, at Maruto we have our own original treatment facilities and diligently perform the quenching and tempering processes (heat-application processes that adjust the hardness of our products) to brings out the best characteristics and strength of the steel we use.

It is with these essential extra efforts and processes that we are able to manufacture products which are very tough yet not brittle. As a result, we have received positive reviews of the durability of KEIBA products and their long-lasting sharpness. The extra time and effort we spend on our products leads to quality products which are durable and wear resistant.


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