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Company Profile

Message from the President

Since our founding in 1924, we've made tools with the skills and imaginative creative spirits of the artisans and craftsmen of Tsubame Sanjo, and currently welcoming our 88th anniversary. It is through the application of our skill and creativity that we enjoy our current market standing: our products are favored by professionals and sold in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our products are proudly made in Sanjo, Japan at our 33,000m2 manufacturing facility. The entire manufacturing process from start to finish occurs under one roof with integrated quality control throughout – which enables us to manufacture top quality, competitive products with utmost efficiency.

We strive to continue to guarantee satisfaction and touch the hearts of our customers and employees as we head towards our 100th anniversary. We thank you for your continued support.

Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc.
Naoya Hasegawa


Nurture competent employees. Manufacture great products. Create wealth for society.

Sanjo city is located close to the middle of the Echigo plains. From long ago, blacksmiths and farming have been the main industries of this region, and due to their honest and hard working nature, the industry has continued to this day. Growing in this background, in 2004 our company welcomed its 80th anniversary. And in 2005 to reflect a new corporate attitude of seeking new customers and greater satisfaction, we initiated a new mission statement by implementing the fundamental company principles of "Nurture competent employees. Manufacture great products. Create wealth for society." As a business, we believe that nurturing competent employees is the prime objective of a growing corporation, as it is the first step towards the manufacturing of great products and the creation of wealth.

From our founding year, we've continued to be imaginative, creative, and have made great efforts to develop new products. The demand for top quality functionality by our shop-floor craftsmen has led KEIBA brand products onto the world stage to be a product many customers seek. With a company culture that seeks new challenges, new functionality, new technology, and ever-greater quality and precision, we have been praised with multiple design awards, acknowledgement by our industry peers and have received high acclaim from many countries. Our mission is to avoid complacency with our past successes and accolades, and as the only Japanese cutting pliers manufacturer to hold a large market in the US and European market, we seek to develop even better products that will meet and surpass the expectations of professional users and our customers.

Company Profile

Company name Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc.
Representative President Naoya Hasegawa
Industry Manufacturing of hand tools
Production items Plastic cutting nippers, midget diagonal nippers, heavy duty diagonal cutting nippers, other nippers, long nose side cutting pliers, side cutting pliers, miniature tools, wire strippers, tweezers, other electronics tools, hairdressing scissors, nail nippers/clippers, cuticle nippers
Founded May 1924
Incorporated May 1943
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Basic philosophy "Nurture competent employees. Manufacturing great products will forge great employees. By forging and being forged, Maruto will grow"
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Forging equipment 3 - Air stamp hammers
3 - High-frequency heating system (for heating materials)
2 - Shot-blast machines
Machining line equipment 300 - Drilling machines, spot facing machine, milling machine, others
Grinding and polishing equipment 14 - Buffing-grinder lathe, barrel polishing equipment, sand-blaster
Thermal treatment furnace 1 - Batch annealing furnace (computer operated)
1 - Continuous quenching and tempering furnace
3 - High-frequency heating system (for quenching blades)
1 - Continuous tempering furnace (for second tempering)
Laser marking equipment 4
CAD units 7
NC machines 1 - Electric discharge processing machine
1 - Wire cutting machine
2 - Machining center
7 - Grinding machine
CO2 laser processing machine 1 - CO2 laser processing machine
Synchronous type independent electric power generator 5 – 170-190kW


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    Head Office/Factory: 16-1, Doba, Sanjo City,
    Niigata Pref.
    TEL: 0256-33-3010
    FAX: 0256-34-7720