The origin of the KEIBA brand

In Japanese, "keiba" means horse racing. Watching a thoroughbred running a race at top speed, you will see the animal move with grace and beauty at every stride. A galloping horse is an ideal example of Nature's efficient and excellent design rich with functional beauty. Since its beginning in 1924, the KEIBA brand symbolizes Maruto's goal: to design tools with functional beauty.


New products and design

Records of awards

On a continuous basis, Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc. seeks to provide originality and ingenious propositions to improve our customers' lives.

To achieve these goals, we believe that design plays an essential element in the development process. As a result, we find that highly functional tools are both very beautiful and sophisticated. And KEIBA products seek such forms of functional beauty. In 1960, we began by collaborating with Mr. Jiro Kosugi, a pioneer of Japanese industrial design, and continued to develop new concept products. Along the way, we have acquired a variety of patents and designs and have developed very unique and original products.

In 1982, our hand held work tool was the first to win the Good Design Award in Sanjo City, a major manufacturing hub of metal works. Over the past 30 years, we have received more than 70 design awards, including the Good Design Award, IDS Design Competition and many more.

MPI (Maruto Product Innovation)


At Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc. we have developed our own original production system which we call MPI (Maruto Product Innovation).

This production system was developed to increase efficiency and to provide the ability for one staff member to operate several processing machines, control the transport of goods, and manage the inventory of goods and materials.
Following the implementation of this manufacturing system, it was now possible to meet our customers' exact needs much more efficiently by manufacturing only the required products at required times and required quantities.

MPI is an important foundation for supporting the rich lineup of KEIBA products. With this manufacturing process, KEIBA has been able to greatly reduce minimum batch requirements which can offer more effective OEM consignment production.

Integrated manufacturing

From the very first process of forging to the final step of packaging, all of the more than 50 steps required to manufacture a tool can be performed within the organization.

This type of integrated manufacturing process ensures close control and consistent quality control of products.

Factory tour

Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo Inc. accepts requests for factory tours. For more details please click the button to the right and visit the website of the Sanjo Industrial Cooperative.



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